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About Us

The Great Lakes Tool & Die Collaborative has 15 companies that manufacture a diverse group of tooling products that are used worldwide. Most of the companies have been in business for over 30 years and have a niche in the markets they serve.

In the state of Michigan, there is a unique framework of manufacturing suppliers that cover all aspects of machining and outside services (such as heat treating & plating), which allows an almost unlimited capability of what can be produced. The companies of the Great Lakes Tool & Die Collaborative have joined together in order to utilize everyone’s talents and capabilities in order to become a complete manufacturing source.

Even though geographically the companies are spread out over the lower part of Michigan, we work as a team to so that the sum is greater than the parts. We utilize each company’s talents and differing equipment capabilities (Best Practices) to be more efficient and meet customer demands.

The companies of the GLTDC employ more than 400 employees and have over 30 million dollars of manufacturing equipment that we utilize.

We thank you for taking the time to learn about the Great Lakes Tool and Die Collaborative and look forward to having one of our companies help meet your tooling needs.